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Cleanze offers carpet preservation and cleaning services for both residential and commercial properties. Carpets become soiled over time; while there is DIY same-day carpet cleaning St Lucia methods available, they are not guaranteed to provide long-term benefits. Some cleaning services employ harsh chemicals that might degrade the integrity of your carpet. Unlike them, we employ eco-friendly treatments to remove filth and stains, ensuring that not only the carpet but also the entire family, is safe. For allergy sufferers, our hygienic tactics significantly reduce moulds, germs, and dust mites. 

We have a solid reputation in the cleaning sector and endeavor to provide dependable services. Our crew is always ready to assist you, whether it is for a special event or it is time for your carpets to be cleaned regularly. For outstanding results, contact Brisbane’s carpet cleaning experts. 

Some of our top-quality Carpet Cleaning St Lucia services we provide:

  • mattress cleaning
  • couch cleaning
  • sofa cleaning
  • pet stain removals
  • sofa cleaning
  • pest control
  • upholstery cleaning

As a result, you can count on us to deliver high-quality results. Our Customer Service is available 24 hours a day; 7 days a week at simply call us on 0482070553!


Fabric Couch Cleaning St Lucia

Cleanze is a name and a team you can rely on to clean and revitalize your fabric and/or upholstery. When it comes to cleaning lounge suites, dining room chairs, office chairs, various sofa styles, and even fabric headboards, we give the finest results possible. You spend a lot of time on your couch, so it has plenty of opportunities to gather dirt. Couches are not cheap, so safeguard your investment with expert sofa cleaning on a regular basis. Contact our upholstery cleaning company right now.

Carpet Cleaning St Lucia

Cleanze exclusively works with the top carpet cleaners. Our cleaners have been trained to provide the best carpet cleaning services possible. If not done correctly, your carpets may be ruined rather than cleaned. This is why our cleaners go through extensive training to provide you with the best carpet cleaning services available. Keeping your carpets and rugs clean not only extends their life but also prevents dangerous dust and dirt particles from gathering in your house. Our heavy-duty equipment is both strong and compassionate, cleaning without causing damage.


What sort of carpet cleaner do experts use?

Extraction of Hot Water

This is the most prevalent professional carpet cleaning process, often known as steam cleaning. Steam cleaning penetrates carpet fibres with hot water under great pressure, breaking out dirt and germs hidden deep inside. 

Is it more effective to shampoo or steam clean carpets?

You actually can’t go wrong with either steam cleaning or washing your carpet, but steam cleaning is the superior alternative. It eliminates more invisible vermin and filth and can manage heavy-duty cleaning without leaving you waiting for extended periods to dry.


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Cleanze offer top quality workmanship and deliver you the best carpet cleaning services in Australia. We are the experts in residential and commercial carpet cleaning services, including deep clean, spot clean, pre-purchase visit, and emergency response. Our technicians are fully trained and equipped with the latest carpet cleaning equipment to provide the best results. We use the most reliable and advanced techniques for removing soil, grunge, and other contaminants from fabric at the minutest level to ensure that your carpet looks as good as new. We can even restore your carpets to their original colour with our high-power cleaning systems if the build-up of dirt and grime had caused them to lose their original, beautiful hue.

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